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Modest Wear for All Occasions!

Discover our Open Abayas collection of modestwear for all occasions. From casual gatherings to formal events, our thoughtfully designed pieces ensure you embody grace & style, making every moment memorable.

Sales And Special Offers

We always have great deals on! Don’t miss the chance to get premium abayas during our limited-time sales events. Discover new styles while saving big—shop our Abaya Sale today.

Style Tips and Trends

Stay in the know with our style blog, offering fashion insights, modesty tips, and trend highlights to inspire your wardrobe choices

Luxury Abaya Redefined

Behold the Abaya Crowned ‘Luxury Abaya of the Year’!

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Open Abayas FAQ's

Simply click on the abaya you wish to purchase, choose your size and preferred colour, click the basket and check out. You can order on or via our TikTok Shop “@Openabayas”.

At Open Abayas, we provide matching slip dresses with the abayas, making it an easy option to create the complete outfit in a modest and elegant style. Alternatively, you can pair an open abaya with jeans and a long sleeve top underneath depending on the look you are going for.

The abaya holds deep significance with religious and cultural roots as a symbol of modesty. It allows you to adhere to modesty and at Open Abayas we have a range of garments to fit your style of fashion, whether it be from jilbabs to a batwing style.

The choice of abaya colour is a personal preference. You may choose to get a simple black abaya for certain events or you may opt for a brighter look for others, At open abaya we offer a wide range of colours and designs to suit your taste.

Accessories such as handbags and jewellery are certainly fine to wear and can enhance the overall look. It allows you to personalise the look to how you want while being able to dress it up or down.

If your order has not been dispatched yet, there’s a possibility that we can assist you in updating the shipping details. Please contact our customer support as soon as possible (, providing your order number and the correct shipping address. If your order is still in the pre-dispatch phase, we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that we process orders quickly, so time is of the essence. However, if your order has already been dispatched, we recommend reaching out to the shipping carrier directly with your tracking information to explore possible solutions.

Accepting returns within 14 days for unworn open abayas. 

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